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Halloween Edition

Harry Hase's Late Night: "Halloween Edition" When did you last get really spooked - and which song gives you goosebumps? Before the gloomy winter months set in, Harry Hase quickly exorcises the worst Halloween ghosts with play, wit and music.

The surprise guest needs strong nerves and the audience is invited to share in the spookiness. Show stage band Les Beamtes Uhses perform the songs that will send shivers down your spine!

Harry Hase will be leading the audience through a surprise-packed revue: a star guest from the ensemble will reveal secrets under Harry’s empathetic probing and must prove himself/herself at the gaming table.

Language: German

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Additional information
Participating artists
(Les Beamte Uhse)
Vanessa Sampaio Borgmann (Kostüm)
Holger Bülow (Mit)
Jenny König (Mit)
David Ruland (Mit)