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Shortly before the end of 2022, the Berlin opera company Novoflot is starting the celebrations for an anniversary of a special kind: 70 years after his death, the rights to the works of Arnold Schönberg will be released. What does that mean? Now it belongs to all of us!

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Die Harmonielehre Akt 1 – Akt 5
Falko Siewert

A wonderful occasion to do several things at once. First: to roll out the red carpet for Schönberg for a lavish anniversary celebration at Berlin's Kronprinzenpalais; incidentally, the first time ever that theater has been held at this venue.
Second: to move the works of the Viennese composer from the chopstick parquet to the black ice, for a few grandiose double Rittberger in the mirrored crab canon.
And thirdly: on the occasion of the now prevailing freedom of rights of "Verklärte Nacht", "Pierrot lunaire" & Co. to ask about the essence of freedom of rights and thus about the splendor and misery of intellectual property.
Too much of a good thing? Perhaps! But the number of such projects would not even have made the Viennese systematist of sound and author of the "Harmonielehre" bat an eyelash. Too strong was his longing to flood all future music with air from other planets.
Exactly this is now also true for the artists of Novoflot, who, where the cultural heritage is still hanging neatly in the frame almost everywhere (Unter den Linden!), are re-sorting and immediately premiering some all-too-familiar twelve-tone series! In the most beautiful clash of Jacob's ladders, hanging gardens and heart plants, they are looking for encouraging and auspicious possibilities of art production in times of violent disharmony.
Whether they will find what they are looking for? That is written in the stars. One can only wish them one thing: "The happy hand"!

Harmonielehre 1 - Act 5 (By Novoflot and Arnold Schönberg) is designed as an ongoing project and will be developed in several parts in co-production with the Kölner Philharmonie, the Akademie der Künste and other partners. After the performance at the Kronprinzenpalais in December 2022 and the performance of acts 1-5 at the Kölner Philharmonie, Novoflot will set to music the third unfinished act of the opera "Moses und Aron" together with 12 composers*. This will be followed by further world premieres, including Michael Wertmüller's work "Der Überlebende aus Warschau".

The cast is correspondingly high-class, including Magne-Håvard Brekke (acting), Rosemary Hardy (singing), Ichi Go (dance, singing), Altea Garrido (dance, choreography), Thomas Stache (dance, choreography) Antonis Anissegos (piano), Jacopo Salvatori (piano) and Dag Magnus Harvesen (drums). Special mention should be made of the participation of two trombonists: the almost 80-year-old improvisation and free jazz legend Conny Bauer and the 30 years younger multiple award-winning jazz musician, bandleader and composer Nils Wogram.
Also taking part: the Ensemble Dissonart, the Danish National Youth Ensemble DUEN, and the Tanzsportverein Blau-Weiss Berlin e.V.