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by Alfred Döblin

The very young, badly wounded soldier Edward returns to his family from the military hospital. Who is to blame for this war that cost him his leg? His penetrating questions cross-examine the relatives who want to take care of him again; and the storytelling evenings intended as entertainment become a court tribunal.

The usual explanatory patterns and intellectual comforts of a saturated educated class break apart brutally. A process of painful coming to terms with everyone; on the basis of radical honesty, a timid but hopeful new start begins.

As a doctor, Alfred Döblin was used to looking into the everyday human abyss. As an author, he designed epochal images of society. In his Hamlet novel, which was first published in the GDR with great success, he left the quintessence of his thoughts on a future in which violence, even in interpersonal relationships, could give way to a new consciousness.

In the premiere of this work as an in-house production at TD Berlin, psychological drama is mixed with the European store of stories, acting styles and genres in overlapping languages.

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