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Book Launch | Reading & Talk

Immediately after Hamas' attack on Israel, Sasha Marianna Salzmann and Ofer Waldman begin a correspondence about a shaken world - the world after October 7, 2023. The two try their hand at writing letters and chats, with poems and music that they send to each other Authors work on describing and naming what they are currently seeing and experiencing - beyond current political events.

Ofer Waldman talks about his everyday life in Israel. He sits shiva, talks to his children, goes to vigils, listens to the sounds of war. Sasha Marianna Salzmann condenses her experiences and observations in different cities in Central Europe. Salzmann sits at the memorial to the murdered Jews on the Danube in Budapest, argues in Viennese coffee houses and watches the blue lights of the police convoys at Hermannplatz in Berlin.

What is left of the old certainties after October 7th, what remains in the maelstrom of opinions, claims and positioning? And what seems irretrievably lost as a result of the terrible war in the Middle East?

In the attempt to approach these questions narratively, a dialogue emerges that increasingly becomes a touching document of a friendship: I see you, these letters say, I can't do anything, but I'm here.
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