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Three-day holiday course

The three-day holiday course takes the participating children into the middle of the Nikolaiviertel, where they draw and design their own comics based on street names.

In the Nikolaikirche Museum, the children encounter a giant rib. Does it really come from the last giant from Berlin? What is the story behind this mysterious object?

It is the starting point for exploring the street signs and house signs of the Nikolaiviertel. The participating children develop their own stories, draw and design comics, leaflets or dioramas using different materials.

Tue – Thu | 31.10. – 02.11. | 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each time

from 7 years

Course leader: Imke Küster (museum educator)

Registration via Jugend im Museum e. V. at: 030 50 59 07 7

A cooperation with Jugend im Museum e. v.
Additional information
Price: €55.00

Reduced price: €30.00