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Alte Musik Fest Friedenau 2022

Body language and gestures are essential in every conversation, every kind of interpersonal communication. Thoughts, feelings and intentions are transformed into a movement, a gesture, a facial expression and thus take on a visible form that makes every conversation lively and empathetic. But what happens when this transformation is disturbed, when it is missing? What happens when my body no longer obeys me, when I want to express myself but those around me no longer understand me? What happens when my gestures become incomprehensible and uncontrollable, when no one can interpret my body language anymore?

GRAFIK MUSIK © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

In this performance music, dance and movement merge. The dancer Imola Nagy transforms the musical gestures of the musicians into physical ones. She makes visible the despair when the mind is trapped in a body that no longer wants to obey. Featuring works for solo instrument by J.S. Bach and Luciano Berio.

Participants: Mirjam-Luise Münzel - recorder; Imola Nagy - dance and choreography.

This concert is part of the Alte Musik Fest Friedenau 2022 with the theme verWANDELn.

Admission: € 15,- (8,-)

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Ölberg-Kirche - Berlin - Kreuzberg