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The prominent musicians, Prof. Igor Cognolato, piano (Conservatorio Benedetto Marchello Venezia), Tadahiro Yano, flute (general music director of the Ensemble Kobe), Christian Schulz, cello (Vienna Symphony Orchestra) and Burghard Tölke (Peter Cornelius Konservatorium Mainz) will perform the arrangement of the Mozart Jupiter Symphony No. 41 by Berthold Hummel, as well as the composition "Barcode" by Christian Schulz.

  • Tadahiro Yano, flute
  • Burghard Tölke, violin
  • Christian Schulz, cello
  • Igor Cognolato, piano

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Jupiter Symphony No. 41
Christian Schulz / Berthold Hummel - Barcode

In the formation of the so-called "Society Quartet", these works can be heard both orchestrally and as chamber music and, thanks to the precision of the interpretation, a completely unique sound experience.

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