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As part of Berlin Art Week, the GALLERY WEEKEND FESTIVAL will be a guest at Studio Mondial, the former Hotel Mondial on Kurfürstendamm, on Saturday and Sunday. Here it offers a multifaceted programme of performances, screenings, sounds, readings and installations. The lobby, the former restaurant including the two hotel bars, the courtyard and the underground car park will be activated.


2 DAYS PROGRAMME at Studio Mondial

The entire performance and feature film programme is now available on the Gallery Weekend Berlin website.

The programme starts at noon on Saturday with performances and readings alternating between two different stages indoors and outdoors by Yi Ten Lai, daniel ward, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, Ana Prvački, Angharad Williams, Nicholas Grafia and Mikołaj Sobczak, as well as a conversation between Nora Turato and author Stephanie LaCava.

This will be followed in the afternoon by sound performances by Leyla Yenirce with Vienna Gist, Susan Philipsz with Luca Diebold, Theresa Patzschke and Eleni Poulou, and a performance and DJ set by Maque Pereyra.

The Sunday programme starts at noon in front of the building on Kurfürstendamm with a sound performance by DAF (Dynamic Acoustic Research), readings by Philipp Simon and Sofia Defino Leiby, singing by the BWŁKS Choir, a talk and concert by Raphaela Vogel with Juliane Liebert and Daniel Roth, followed by a performance by Elisa Giardina Papa with the musician duendita, a sound performance by Leda Bourgogne, a reading by Karl Holmqvist and a performance by Anna Ehrenstein with Göksu Kunak and Yara Mekawei that moves between text and sound. FRANKIE will close the programme with cello playing and singing.

Films will be presented on both days in two separate screening rooms, the former hotel bars.
The shorter films will run in a loop several times a day: by Peter Wächtler, Nina Könnemann, Kandis Williams, Isabell Heimerdinger, Jordan Strafer, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Eli Cortiñas, Juliette Blightman, Penny Goring, Peter Friedl, Christopher Aque, Leyla Yenirce, Adrian Ganea, and Cornelia Schleime.

For the longer films, there is a programme with fixed times that is shown once a day: Heike Baranowsky, Ulla von Brandenburg, Peggy Buth, Stephanie Comilang, Michael Franz, Christopher Aque, Elisa Giardina Papa, Loretta Fahrenholz, Cemile Sahin, Jenkin van Zyl, Su Yu Hsin, Britta Thie and Friedrich Kunath.

Both indoor and outdoor spaces will be filled with installation and sculptural works.

In addition to Dan Peterman's modular sculptures in front of the building, Raul Walch's site-specific intervention of a textile banner over the entire façade of the former hotel draws attention to the festival from afar and at the same time refers to its surroundings: West Berlin's popular shopping mile dominated by clothing shops.

In the lobby, one encounters the two Berlin Beds by Max Paul, which, in addition to the obvious modernist Mies reference, refer to Berlin's ongoing demolition and construction mania, which also directly affects the former Hotel Mondial. Jasmin Werner makes direct references to the United Arab Emirates and its globalised architecture and power structures.

At the hotel reception, visitors can listen by telephone to the sound work by Jenna Sutela, which plays in this area alongside works by Laure Prouvost and Asta Gröting; not far away, a textile wall piece by Ulla von Brandenburg invites visitors to linger and contemplate.

In the stairwell, one encounters a sound installation by Jan St. Werner, which acoustically and spatially expands the exhibition space.

In the entrance area there are also two video positions by the artists Taína Cruz and Petra Cortright. Four glass showcases display ceramic works, drawings and installations by Ghislaine Leung, Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann, Lena Henke and Galli.

In the former restaurant, sculptural works by Nadira Husain, Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Anna Ehrenstein, Yi Ten Lai, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, Lap-See Lam and Raphaela Vogel are presented, some of which are activated by performances.

Artistic interventions by Fortuna Forest and Lila Steinkampf open up and occupy the courtyard, a tattoo studio by Monty Richthofen and an installation by Anne Duk Hee Jordan the underground car park.

Publications by the participating artists and other selected books will be offered on site by the a.p. bookshop. There will also be free childcare.

  • The GALLERY WEEKEND FESTIVAL is supported by the Senate Department for Economy, Energy and Business. We would also like to thank our long-standing partner BMW for sponsoring Gallery Weekend Berlin.

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