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With a new name, a new direction and new focuses, the VDZ Tech Summit is transforming into the MVFP Future Media Now. This conference focuses on the transformation of the media industry and the technologies and people driving this change.

Which tools and strategies are currently leading and which are about to be used? Which trends should media companies recognize and use in order to continue to be successful in the future? Which business areas will be interesting or gain in importance in the coming years?

The MVFP Future Media Now offers a balanced mix of best practice examples and analysis of the current and future trends that will move the industry. We are looking far into the future. Digital enthusiasts, IT managers, innovation drivers and creative thinkers from the media sector have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with exciting sparring partners from the industry and beyond.

Digital transformation has affected every area of media companies, from editorial to production, marketing, sales, IT and administration. Employees who are looking to the future have come to the right place and will receive in-depth knowledge, inspiration and a broader view of the bigger picture. You return with practical implementation ideas.
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