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On stage you marvel at poetry, comedy and literature from the Kiezpoeten Samson, Jesko Habert, Lisa Marie Olszakiewicz, Julian Großmann and Amelie Ponick, as if it were a normal poetry slam. But today something is different: one of the stage poets will die. And you suspect that it wasn't due to alcohol consumption (although that wouldn't be so unlikely). Tonight a murder has happened, in the middle of you, on the stage of Ballhaus Wedding. Can you solve the murder mystery?

KEY VISUAL Fusion Slam: Krimi-Slam
KEY VISUAL Fusion Slam: Krimi-Slam Kiezpoeten

The Kiezpoeten present a unique, self-created crime show: interactive, poetic and exciting.

After the sold-out show in Beelitz Heilstätten as a guest performance at Fusion Slam Berlin!

What is the Fusion Slam Wedding?

The Fusion Slam Wedding is the Kiezpoeten format for crossover shows and extraordinary poetry slams: Every month we surprise you with a different art that enriches the evening: Art song, acting, impro-theater, stand-up, piano and jazz are planned... And don't worry: if you like a format particularly well, we will of course repeat it!

Where does the Fusion Slam take place?
The regular location of the Fusion Slam is the Ballhaus Wedding - a deadly chic hall for about 150 guests, near Osloer Straße. So Wedding finally gets its own regular slam again. Only, as befits Wedding, a bit different from other slams.

How can you perform here?
At most editions of the Fusion Slam at Ballhaus Wedding there will be 1-2 places on the open list - depending on the edition, mostly on the poetry side, but sometimes also on the "other" side. Just check for the tag "Open List" at the respective event and register via

(Program in German)

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Additional information
Secret Early Bird Tickets: 23€
VVK soon at 28 €
AK: 35€

(Note: The crime show is the same as in Heilstätten, but without dinner!)
Ballhaus Wedding