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cinema fsk for home

The fsk for home presents a small selection of films that we played in the cinema about every four weeks. So if you missed one or the other movie, you can catch up on some of them online now.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: fsk für Zuhause
© Getty Images, Foto: KTSDESIGN

The new screen also allows us to show films that we would have liked to have included in our regular program, but had to do without due to lack of space. However, the fact that we are now opening a virtual cinema does not mean that we believe that this is where the future lies. We see it as an addition that cannot offer what cinema is all about. It is a substitute for all those who miss our program.

But fsk also offers completely new possibilities for the home: Because only a limited number of tickets can be sold at the moment due to the minimum distance, screenings with guests from the film team are quickly sold out. For all those who did not get a ticket for this, we will put the filmed film talks on our site in the future.
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