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Marco Donnarumma & Margherita Pevere

What does it mean to create a truly autonomous machine, independent from human control? And what happens when organs live outside of a body? Perhaps the human body’s only real power is to take on ever changing forms and identities.

“Eingeweide” is the staging of a ritual of coalescence. Inhabiting a desolated, surreal landscape, two human bodies become violently entangled with an artificially intelligent (AI) prosthesis, out-of-body organs, relics from computer server farms and animal remains.

The prosthesis uses AI algorithms to learn in real time how to move, exist and perform on stage. The organs pulsate, leak and crawl on the floor, bearing traces of the microbial cultures which created them. Sounds from the performers’ muscular activity are amplified and transformed by AI algorithms into a powerful and visceral auditive experience, submerging the spectators.

The performers’ bodies become, thus, one and multiple, at times asserting, at times misplaced. They are the means of a drastic form of bodily experimentation, where alternate identities emerge from the convergence of human, machine and micro-organisms. In such a configuration, each element drastically affects the other. Physicality and psyche are meshed up, shaken and probed.

A far cry from trans-humanist ideals or techno-phobic claims, Eingeweide creates its own vocabulary of symbolic meaning, manifesting the relationship between humans, technology and living-others as a harsh, poetic and humbling form of intimacy.

Additional information
Artistic direction, performance, staging: Donnarumma, Pevere

Music, programming, AI robotics: Marco Donnarumma

Wearable biofilm, robot skin: Margherita Pevere

Scientific partner: Neurorobotics Research Laboratory, Beuth Hochschule

Robotics visual design and costume: Ana Rajcevic

Robotics 3D modelling and engineering: Christian Schmidts

Light design, stage production: Andrea Familari

Production: Claudia Dorfmueller

Tour management: René Dombrowski

Photography: Manuel Vason

Live photography: Giovanni De Angelis, Nada Zgank


A production by Marco Donnarumma in collaboration with Margherita Pevere. Commissioned by CTM Festival (DE) and realised in the context of the Graduiertenschule, Berlin University of the Arts.