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ATTENTION LADIES: Ballhaus Berlin opens its doors to all shopping queens!

Everyone who wants to sell or buy clothes, shoes, jewellery, decoration and accessories is invited.

Go bargain hunting: haggle, save and get your hands on the best pieces that other girls have sorted out.
All in a cool atmosphere with tasty drinks and snacks!

You want a stall? - Then be quick!
For 25€ you get a stand area of 3m. A table will be provided by Ballhaus Berlin, bring your own clothes stand if you need one.

  • SMS/phone: 01701801339
  • Or WhatsApp: 016092387816

From 1-5pm you can browse, chat and shop as much as you like!
  • Where: Ballhaus Berlin (Chausseestr. 102, 10115 Berlin)
  • Admission: 2€