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"You're too fat and not pretty enough for a movie! And there aren't enough roles for women in the theater! Those were some of the fierce arguments her parents used to keep their only child from becoming an actress. It didn't work. She plays with "Brecht icons," the multi-talented Diether Krebs, with Hollywood star Johnny Depp and for more than 20 years with Dieter Hallervorden.

PORTRAIT Franzsika Troegner
PORTRAIT Franzsika Troegner Manja Elsaesser

Franziska Troegner has become one of the most versatile German actresses.

With heart, humor and irony, "the bundle of energy" tells how it went from Halliwood to Hollywood, whether she was once allowed to kiss Johnny Depp, what happens in the "OFF" during filming and about other experiences away from the "casting couch".

(Program in German)

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