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For 20 years, the Festival Orchestra Berlin, a multicultural group of musicians from leading European orchestras, has been delighting audiences with its Baroque, Viennese Classical and Romantic repertoire, complemented by musical rarities. In this concert, the ensemble will focus on the music of the Venetian grand master Antonio Vivaldi.

With his interpretation of the Four Seasons, Vivaldi created a timeless work of art.
A virtuoso violinist himself, the composer combined four violin concertos in 1725 to create the "Four Seasons". The natural phenomena of each season are expanded by various sounds. The music portrays nature, animals and people in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In addition to Antonio Vivaldi's masterpiece, this concert features other highlights by well-known composers for violin and chamber orchestra.

The orchestra plays on old Italian instruments and thus guarantees an outstandingly beautiful sound.

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