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Under the title Forecast Freeflow, there will be an open-air event on 15 July, starting at 5 pm, at which the Brazilian artist Sanni Est, winner of the German Jazz Prize 2023, will perform live.

Free and outside, on the banks of the Spree, Sanni Est will present her virtuoso talent and incredible vocal range in Berlin.

With her melancholic, romantic repertoire, her musical project "Sanni Sings" invites the audience into the intimate emotional world of the artist.

Forecast, the international programme for the mentoring and promotion of new artistic productions, puts the spotlight on groundbreaking new projects at the Forecast Forum from 14 to 16 July 2023 at Radialsystem.

The Forecast Forum will showcase 18 selected performances, concerts and installations conceived by bold artists from around the world and curated by the six mentors of this year's edition of Forecast.

The concert will be followed by performances by the nominated artists from 19:00 (with admission).