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In 2010, the Flying Steps with their founder Vartan Bassil and with the Berlin opera director Christoph Hagel presented a novel project in the Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin: "Flying Bach" was the successful combination of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier with break dance.

Since then, Flying Bach has been seen by over a million people in more than 50 countries worldwide.

In 2023, on the thirtieth anniversary of Flying Steps, Vartan Bassil and Christoph Hagel will present their new collaboration to the public:
"Flying Hansel and Gretel" will celebrate its world premiere on October 01, 2023 at the Philharmonie in Cologne, followed by a tour through 13 German cities.

The internationally cast dance company Flying Steps has deliberately chosen this "original German" material.
Inspired by the Brothers Grimm and Humperdinck's opera of the same name, the Flying Steps and Christoph Hagel translate the story into our time with elements of break dance, hip hop and rap.