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Florian Künstler has come to stay. The first steps in his career were not easy due to corona. But the songwriter from Lübeck made the best of it and gave us courage and comfort again and again with creativity and great music on an EP and numerous singles.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: FLORIAN KÜNSTLER UMWEGE TOUR 2021
© Florian Künstler

And that was just the beginning: The former street musician is exactly the singer that is needed now! For everyone it was a difficult, strange year full of ups and downs, but for Florian Künstler it was even a bit more paradoxical: With singles like "Diese Straßen", "Wie geht's dir eigentlich", "Kleinstadtliebe", the EP "Umwege", videos clicked hundreds of thousands of times or his song poet sessions, Künstler set impressive milestones last year. However, the songwriter was not able to bring this wonderful music to the stage for the well-known reasons - and in his case, that's a particular pity.

Florian Künstler is a born performer who has gone through the hard school of the street musician and is therefore used to always having to give everything so that people listen to him. Künstler can carry away and lead an audience. When he sings his acoustic carried songwriter music with pop sensibility and guitar accompaniment, the room shakes. 

But of all times, when his career was really taking off and his first major releases were in the offing, the most direct route to his audience was blocked. "What I love most about making music, I couldn't do," confirms Florian Künstler. "Being on the road is the best feeling there is for me, I'm a traveler. I just love being able to look fans straight in the eye."

It now speaks for the special strength and creativity of Florian Künstler, how he dealt with the situation: "I am very grateful for this year and for many experiences made: being played on the radio for the first time, the first music videos. I wrote a lot of new songs and met insanely great and interesting people."

And now it's finally time to bring the new music to the stage. In May 2022, Florian Künstler will go on "Detours" tour and present himself and his music with his great band live and directly to his ever-growing fan base.

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