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Ever since the successful show “HYPE!”, it was clear: With its new “on stage” format, “Feuerwerk der Turnkunst” has created a show that is second to none. The new tour series of the stars of the movement arts does not cavort in the large arenas, but rather seeks the intimate proximity of smaller stages, which opens up completely new scope and facets.

Last season, this innovative, new show concept celebrated its premiere in front of an enthusiastic audience, which is followed by the new stage show “classy”, when classic meets beats and breathtaking acrobatics. Intense, thrilling, engaging, completely different, even opposing artistic worlds collide and merge into something fascinating.

Young artists are reinterpreting classic high culture - from breathtaking BMX and aerial ring artistry to magical juggling and balancing skills to the physical comedians who, with their unique body control and creativity, make people laugh without saying any words.

The artists are accompanied by the young, energetic dance show team from the DDC Entertainment Group as well as by the Funky Monkeys, an internationally renowned performance group that already caused a stir at the circus festival in Monte Carlo. And when Phil Os storms onto the stage and interprets “The Marriage of Figaro” with his diabolos, an electrifying concert begins. Music by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Chopin mixed with modern beats takes you into a world of your own. A wild crossover show that won't let go of its viewers anytime soon.

with Compagnia Baccala, Lkhagva Ochir, Tim Höfel, Lena Smaha, Funky Monkeys, Phil Os, David Pereira, Duo Hoop and the DDC Entertainment Group show team

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