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Who doesn't want to stay in life?

"Who doesn't want to stay alive?" This is the motto of this year's "Festival of the New Political Song" from September 15th to 17th.

Numerous anniversaries are attracting attention this year, such as the 50th anniversary of the putsch in Chile, the associated death anniversary of the writer Pablo Neruda, the former President of Chile, Salvador Allende, the musician and singer Victor Jara or the 10th World Festival that took place 50 years ago of youth and students in Berlin. They all unite the thoughts of peace, life and international understanding. Thoughts that are more relevant than ever.

You can meet many different artists at this festival: Tino Eisbrenner & Mitch Walking Elk, the "Erich-Fried-Chor", the Chilean director Alejandro Quintana, the actress Petra Kelling, the poet-singer Frank Viehweg, Alejandro Soto Lacoste & Ernesto Villalobos Among other things, they all deal with the topics mentioned in their own way and open up the discussion rounds. Film rarities are also shown.