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Festa Junina Berlin is back again to celebrate this year the 10th anniversary full of joy and unforgettable moments. Many of you will especially remember this wonderful and so important celebration of our Brazilian culture in Berlin.

Festa Junina
Festa Junina © Promo: YAAM Berlin

Exceptionally, this year Festa Junina Berlin will take place in August. There will be the best rhythms of the Northeast, quadrilha, typical food and many exciting activities for children.


12:00: Start - Typical food, fresh juices and caipirinha throughout the event.
13:00: Games and activities for children
16:00: DJ Cara Muru - Tropical bass and northeastern rhythms
18:00 h: Quadrilha
18:00 h: DJ Renatrix - Old and New Nordeste
20:00 h: Dj K'boko - Afrofuturistic beats
10 € adults - 5 € children from 5 years old

If you have ever traveled through Brazil in June, you have surely found out that the entire population celebrates parties throughout the month, which in some cities are even bigger than Carnival. The June festivals (Festas Juninas) celebrate the harvest and commemorate St. Anthony, St. John and St. Peter.

And they do so in typical Brazilian fashion with lots of traditional food, drinks, music and a theatrical dance, the quadrilha, a kind of square dance. The celebrations are colorful.

The party is decorated with paper lanterns and flags. Men dress up as peasant boys and wear large straw hats. Women wear red plaid and adorn themselves with fake tooth gaps and freckles.

All this in a loving tribute to the roots of Brazil's traditional, regional music. Like Carnival, costumes are worn at these festivals, in this case peasant costumes, there is lots of dancing everywhere and fun games for the children.
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