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Felix Heller presents his solo evening and sings as his beak has grown. About the thieving magpie, the vain rooster, the silly goose or the old codger. Sometimes intoxicating like the song of the nightingale, sometimes tragic like a swan song and sometimes cheerful like the scolding of the reed sparrow.

Künstlerisches Collagen-PORTRAIT von Felix Heller
Künstlerisches Collagen-PORTRAIT von Felix Heller © Daniel Lagerpusch

Felix Heller: PIEP SHOW

The diversity of birds in nature shows us how well our environment is doing. And the birds of paradise on the stages and streets indicate how our society is doing. The greater the diversity and numbers, the better for the greater good.

The PIEP-SHOW is a musical manifesto for feathered diversity and for nestlings. It is not the nightingale and also not the lark, but instead melodies of Karat, Spoliansky, ABBA, Schumann and many new earworms that inspire.

An evening for voice, piano, flute and cello.

  • Director: Marco Krämer-Eis
  • Musical direction: Michael Lieb
(Program in German)
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BKA Theater