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The feast for all!

On this last evening in the house in Behrenstraße, everyone wants to celebrate together: with the audience from young to old and all employees! For more than 75 years, people sang, played, marveled, clapped, laughed, cried, worked, thought, and made in Behrenstraße. Now it's out of the house and into the city.

Tänzerinnen im Insektenkostüm
Tänzerinnen im Insektenkostüm Jan Windszus Photography

On this special night after the last performance, the team celebrates opera life with the audience in many rooms, dances on different floors and shows all the nooks and crannies one last time before the beautiful house is renovated.

Brave children can participate in night walks through the opera house, dance in the black light and listen to stories around the campfire. A night at the opera house! And then the team is looking forward to the audience in the Schillertheater and on one of the stages close by, maybe in your neighborhood!
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