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Imagine being able to make everything you need to live at home: How would our lives change if in the future we could simply build things ourselves without moving out the door?

In this open workshop, families explore the possibilities of 3D printing. We'll show you the individual steps - from design to the finished product.

A practical note: The focus is on gaining insight into the technology - we therefore cannot promise that all visitors will be able to print something. Printing on a 3D printer takes a relatively long time. If you would like to print something yourself, you should plan a visit to the Futurium workshop at the beginning so that the print can be completed during the tour of the house.


Event format: Drop-in workshop

Venue: On-site event in the workshop area of the Futurium Lab

Entry is free.

Event language: German. The mentors speak German and English. They will be happy to support you with the experiments and workshop offers.

For families and children (from 8 years)


The future is for everyone! The Futurium wants to be accessible to everyone.

If you have any additional access needs, please let us know. We try to fulfill them:


You do not need a ticket for this event. The workshop will take place in a drop-in format, meaning you can just drop by.
Additional information
We do apologize that the following information is currently only available in German.