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For all fans of sarcasm and black humor and for all who like to think outside the box: FALK goes on tour with his new concert program "Live & Unerhört". On an evening with the singer-songwriter and music cabaret artist, no more is expected of the audience than to be able to laugh at themselves.

Falk steht mit seiner Gitarre auf einem Weg
Falk steht mit seiner Gitarre auf einem Weg © LuisYoung

Because FALK works off the zeitgeist and tries to spare nothing and no one - not even himself. A statement against the delusion of having to take sides all the time, tongue-in-cheek entertainment instead of dead-serious education. And all that without consideration of losses.

FALK has already been awarded numerous cabaret and cultural prizes for his work.

He also has his brand new album "Unerhört" with him: A potpourri of absurd, thoughtful, vicious and lovingly rabble-rousing compositions from life.

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