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A live event curated by Dhanesh Jayaselan featuring acts such as A Song For You, Kelvyn Colt and LARY at the Arena. In collaboration with A Song For You (conducted by Noah Slee) and The Expressions Orchestra (conducted by Zacharias Falkenberg) as well as dance performances by Movement Seven (choreography by Stephanie Ilova), songs by artists Kelvyn Colt, LARY, Lyra Pramuk, Moses Yoofee Trio and Noah Slee presented in completely new interpretations, set in motion and performed on a big stage for the first time in a form never heard before.

In addition to this diverse selection of great live music, visitors can expect a DJ program curated by Refuge Worldwide.

The event begins at 3pm with sets by Ghostpoet and Marylou B2B No Plastic. Refuge Worldwide invites guests to spend the afternoon in the August sun surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Gardens of the World before the grand concert begins in the evening.

The event is organized by Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH.

Participation in the concert and entry to the Gardens of the World (from 3 p.m.) are free of charge, but registration under the ticket link is required. Regular visitors also have the opportunity to take part, but the contingent of free tickets is limited and the space in the arena is also limited for regular visitors.

Important: Admission with registration only takes place at the entrance at Blumberger Damm 44

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