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Werner Herzog - Film Series

In the absence of the director, the residents of a reformatory rebel. An educator tries in vain to oppose the impending chaos and captures one of the rebels in his office. The sudden unrestraint sparks the imagination of the inmates, who cross boundaries with relish but without a clear goal. Herzog shot the film with people of small stature on Lanzarote.

Blick in die Ausstellung Werner Herzog
Blick in die Ausstellung Werner Herzog © Marian Stefanowski, Deutsche Kinemathek

This evening's guest is cinematographer Thomas Mauch with his short documentary 'Der Welt zeigen, dass man noch da ist' (Showing the world that you're still here), which provides insight into the film's shooting.

BRD 1970, Director: Werner Herzog

96 minutes / 35 mm / OmE
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Price: €8.50
Kino Arsenal im Filmhaus (Sony-Center)