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The EuroHockey Indoor Championship 2024 Women will take place from 8 February to 11 February in Berlin! At the Horst Korber Sports Centre near the Olympic Stadium, the ten best women's teams on our continent will compete for the title of European Indoor Hockey Champion.

Visitors can expect top-class international indoor hockey.

  • Poland and Switzerland will open the tournament on 8 February at 10:00 am.
  • The first appearance of the German defending champions will follow on the same day at 13:45 against Spain.
  • The final weekend of the European Women's Indoor Hockey Championship will be exciting:
    The semi-finals of the European Championship will take place on Saturday, 10 February, at 18:35 and 20:00.
    The grand final is on 11 February 2024 at 14:00, hopefully with German participation.

The German women's national hockey team is already looking forward to a sell-out crowd.

The German national team is the nation that has won the title of European Indoor Champion by far the most times. The German Hockey Federation has won no fewer than 16 out of a possible 21 titles. They are followed by the Netherlands with two, Belarus, England and Ukraine with one title each.

The European Women's Indoor Hockey Championships have been held since 1975. Since then, the tournament for the European crown has been held every two years, with a few exceptions.

After the 2022 European Indoor Championships in Hamburg, the 2024 European Championships in Berlin will be the seventh European Women's Indoor Championships on German soil.

The best nations on the continent will play alongside hosts Germany.
  • Belgium, Spain, the Czech Republic and Turkey are in Group A with the DANAS, the German women's national team.
  • Group B consists of Italy, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine.
The Horst Korber Sports Centre in Berlin is located directly next to the Olympic Stadium in Westend. The stadium can be reached via the stations S Olympiastadion (S3, S5, S9) or S Pichelsberg (Berlin) (S3, S9).

The game mode

In 2 groups of 5 teams, each team plays against every other opponent in the preliminary round. The two teams that finish first and second in their respective groups automatically qualify for the semi-finals of the tournament.
After the group stage, the best two teams in the groups play each other crosswise in the semi-finals.

Overview of the groups
  • Group A: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey
  • Group B: Italy, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine

Each match lasts 40 minutes. As is usual in hockey, the game is played in four quarters of 10 minutes each. In the event of a draw, a shootout follows.

Indoor hockey is the perfect entertainment. Lots of goals, plenty of action, entertaining games and German chances of winning the title.

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