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Javier Rojas

Espacios illusorisos, is a series of live sound performances where time-based media artist Javier Rojas stages sensory, imaginary worlds diffusing sound in spaces using multichannel sound systems. 

Javier Rojas
Javier Rojas © Promo

When the listener enters into an Espacio Ilusorio (Illusory space), the imaginary space becomes a complex, spatial listening experience, via the manipulation of the space's aural attributes and the creation of mixed realities. The performance turns the architecture of the room into a hyper device that unveils new pathways for perception. In this space inside space, one is invited to delve into a purely personal auditive emotion.

Javier's work dives into the concepts of the affective perception of spaces through sound, approaching architecture as an instrument.

He is an architect and sound artist researching the implementation of multichannel sound systems into architectural settings for live performances and art installations.

at DOCK 11, Saal 4
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Dock 11