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In ANOHA, the children's world of the Jewish Museum Berlin, children can experience the story of Noah's Ark with all their senses: Letters become raindrops, words become puddles into which one can jump with a splash until everything pours out in a great flood. Large and small imaginatively designed animals have found their place on the huge wooden ark. But how do they all get along?

In the 4-day holiday programme, the children learn different storytelling techniques and get an insight into the art of creative writing.
Afterwards, each child can try their hand at writing their own literary text about the story of Noah's Ark and design a book to go with it.

On the last day, the young authors present their books and stories to parents and friends.

The holiday workshop offers a varied programme and a freshly prepared vegetarian lunch every day.

Day 1: An exciting visit to the history of Noah's Ark and a tour of a real Torah scroll in the permanent exhibition of the Jewish Museum Berlin.

Day 2: How, where, why, what - techniques of storytelling

Day 3: Writing and creating history - history as a book

Day 4: Book presentation and discussion with the young authors


25.07. to 28.7.2023

08.08. until 11.8.2023

15.08. to 18.8.2023

22.08. until 25.8.2023

Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.
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Price: €120.00