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"My name is Erika. I'm half Japanese, half Austrian - jackpot!" This is how she usually greets her audience and usually gets her first laugh.

Erika Ratcliffe, the young woman on stage, appears distinguished and reserved. But the first impression is deceptive. Because what comes across as seemingly harmless and in charming Viennese quickly takes a completely different turn.

Erika's second solo programme "Bad Boy" is also a black-humoured homage to her turbulent life. Once again, the Japanese Viennese with a penchant for sarcastic self-exposure manages the balancing act between trash and profundity: stand-up comedy on the US model that unerringly goes exactly where it hurts. "I often have very bad thoughts, but I say them," is how Erika sums it up.

(Program in German)

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