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Networking event in the SAFE project

Cities face numerous environmental challenges and we firmly believe that positive change can only be achieved through shared commitment. Urban environmental and climate protection as well as voluntary work are connecting elements that bring people together.

The SAFE project and the planned networking event offer space for connection, inspiration and change. People who are passionate about environmental protection in urban areas and volunteer work meet here. This event aims to promote ideas, share experiences and create new connections to make our cities more sustainable. Participants in the SAFE project and interested parties from various communities have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other volunteers, present selected media products and get to know volunteer work in Berlin better.

About the event:

The networking event in the SAFE project offers a platform for:

Presentation of media content: Here you can find out more about inspiring small projects in the areas of podcasts, videos and graphic design that deal with the topics of urban environmental protection and volunteer work and were developed as part of the project.

Discussion rounds: In interactive discussion rounds, an exchange takes place with experts and committed people about the opportunities and challenges of commitment and urban environmental protection. Here you have the opportunity to share your ideas and perspectives.

Networking: Take the opportunity to make new contacts and network with like-minded people. Get to know interesting actors and other committed people.

Who is the event suitable for?

  • All previous participants in the SAFE project
  • Actors and partners in the field of volunteer work in Berlin
  • Actors and partners in the area of environmental and climate protection
  • All interested people

About the project:
The three-year project "SAFE. Sustainable Action for Future Engagement" contributes to promoting urban environmental protection by strengthening voluntary commitment and volunteer work. Under the motto "Think global, act local", interested people, regardless of their migration history, learn about effective commitment to urban environmental and climate protection. The participants are motivated to actively participate, acquire important skills for media support and make diverse contacts with other committed people and established actors in urban society.
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