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The last event of the year 2023

At the end, a few Periplanetans meet again in the Periplaneta Literature Café. They perform and drink in front of an audience. The party includes Bent Erik Scholz, Sara Reichelt, Thomas Manegold, Matthias Rische and Timo Quante. As well as the melancholy pop legend Tom Nils and one or two special guests.

There are short texts, mostly with happy endings, and songs that can fry even icy hearts with an expired best-before date. And while others look back, we look to the future.

The Periplaneta TresenLesen Finale: it's about beer and books, but also about literature, art and the big questions. Entertaining, sometimes controversial and unpredictable in its dynamics.

Friday, 29.12.2023
19:30 - 21:45

Location: Literaturcafé Periplaneta
Bornholmer Street 81A
10439 Berlin

(Program in German)
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