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Paper art exhibition running between June and October 2023

With Embossed and Tossed, Haus des Papiers presents the winners of this year's Paper Art Award from paper positions berlin. For the first time this year, the Silver and Bronze Awards were split with five new works to be expected. Honored were Ursula Sax (Gold), Gisoo Kim and Amparo Sard (Silver) and Brian Dettmer and Ken'ichiro Taniguchi (Bronze).

In addition to various paper embossing techniques, the exhibition brings together fascinating works in which the paper is sometimes gently, sometimes with aggressive force, almost coincidentally or with full meticulous concentration thrown, set, or bent into new relationships. Just as in life, must paper make its mark, shaped by its environment and influences.

Ranging from a Berlin-based female pioneer of paper art to a Japanese perspective on the traces of human civilization, a fascinating experience awaits you from June until October 2023.

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