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A feel-good musical based on the best-selling novel by Paul Maar

The Sams, a lively, irreverent creature, chooses the shy Mr. Taschenbier as his dad and whirls his well-ordered life upside down. He comes from one embarrassment to the next with his landlady Mrs. Rotkohl, at work in the office or when shopping in a large department store.

But the Sams can also fulfill wishes and helps Mr. Taschenbier to gain important insights and new courage. And since a Sams can only stay from Saturday to Saturday, Mr. Taschenbier's heart will soon get really anxious.

The songs performed live complement the classic children's book in a special way. When the "Wochentagelied" sounds, an exhilarating groove moves into all limbs. In the "Bürolied" actors and musicians also play on office utensils. The “Kaufhauslied” is sung in acapella style and danced to intoxicating choreography. On the other hand, the "pocket beer song" or the song by Frau Rotkohl provide soft, longing nuances.

(Program in German)
Additional information
We do apologize that the following information is currently only available in German.
Participating artists
Frida Grubba (Bühnenbild)
Peter Lange (Bühnenbild)
Peter Lange (Regie)
Matthias Schönfeldt (Regie)
Rainer Bielfeldt (Komponist/in)
Paul Maar (Autor/in)
Thomas Sutter (Komponist/in)