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The East Side Gallery was built in 1990 to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall. Over the years, the masonry crumbled and the colors peeled. In 2009, everything was put back to square one. During a renovation, the porous masonry was repaired and all artwork was almost completely reapplied. Only one original from 1990 has survived to this day. The re-creation of the monument is still being debated today.

east side gallery
east side gallery © visitBerlin, Foto Tanja Koch

The tour is about how artists copied, interpreted differently or recreated their images 25 years after the East Side Gallery was created and how they look at the gallery today: Is it a place of public, ephemeral art or a monument that cannot be changed?

There will be a discussion about the value of public art and about the question of what our society remembers and what it is worth to be a monument.

(Program in German)
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East Side Gallery