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How is the world narrated through a queer-lesbian gaze? How can we generate awareness without performing »woke visibility«? What is the context in which I reproduce myself and my desire on a daily basis? And what indication does it give as to what a supportive future could look like?

Since the 2022/23 season, the DYKE DOGS have been tracing queerlesbian visibility in the theater in their SALON – but also in other areas of society. Which queer emancipation movements tell of utopias that advance society as a whole? There is a lot to learn about love, friendship, politics and more at the DYKE DOGS e. V. Often with music and surprise guests.

DYKE DOGS Salon is a series of events by the collective of the same name, consisting of Eva Tepest and Lynn Takeo Musiol. Both have studied something sociological, are water signs and grew up in the post-industrial Rhineland. They have been writing, curating and performing together since 2018. Their maxim: »Dyke is a riot. Dyke is tragic. Dyke is always insufficient.«
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