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Weiter Schreiben Mondial

For authors from repressive regimes, being able to continue writing is essential for survival, but often life-threatening. Writers from Afghanistan, Egypt, Angola, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, South Sudan and Syria experience that the situation, even in exile, can break at any time. Ten authors from the project “Weiter Schreiben Mondial”, in which texts and correspondence by authors from the above-mentioned countries are published, talk about borders and freedom and about attributions that need to be questioned. The project carries literary exchange beyond European borders and connects authors living in war and crisis zones with exiled authors in Germany.

KEY VISUAL Weiter Schreiben Mondial: Dünnes Eis
KEY VISUAL Weiter Schreiben Mondial: Dünnes Eis Yasmeen Fanari

(Arabic / Belarusian / Dari / French / With German translation / With English translation / Portuguese / Russian)

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