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Comic workshop for beginners on Nazi forced labor

In recent years, there has also been an increasing debate on National Socialism in the medium of comics in Germany. On the occasion of the special exhibition “Luise. Archeology of an injustice”, the three-day workshop offers the opportunity to approach the subject of forced labor under National Socialism through information, discussion and drawing.

Together, the participants will deal with the history of the young Polish forced laborer Walerian Wróbel and create image sequences under the guidance of the comic artist Elke R. Steiner. The potential, limitations and challenges of conveying history through the medium of comics are reflected and discussed.

The curator of the exhibition, Stefan Weger, gives an introduction to the exhibition and the process of its creation.

Participation is free.

Special prior knowledge is not required. If necessary, can be translated into English. For Berlin, recognition as educational leave / educational time is sought.

Maximum 12 participants.
Additional information
Booking: Registration (until 24.9.) and questions:bildung-sw(at)topographie.deTel.: 030 6390288 01