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KUNST STOFF productions / Yannis Adoniou, Andrius Mulokas, Mina Tomic

Two dance pieces by KUNST STOFF productions / Yannis Adoniou with Andrius Mulokas and Mina Tomic.


Andrius Mulokas and Mina Tomic drive their matching bodies to areas bordering on delirium, androgyny and intimate-ultimate layers of being. They are both falsifiers, hypocrites and liars for the sake of their remorseless passion to dance. 

The stage is the reflection that exceeds the obsession of itself and the self. It talks to us about narcissism, they take the blame that it is concerning their lives. It begs, it eats, it spits, it spins. Revenge for revenge, crime for crime, threatened, hunted and lost. As we get ready to feel pity for them, they show themselves ready to trade blow for blow. 

Point of Pointe

Internationally acclaimed Greek choreographer Yannis Adoniou together with his collaborator Andrius Mulokas, invite us to the utopian garden where being a gardener means to care for, cultivate and activate. Affected by their own interactions, literally and metaphorically the "gardeners" reach the state which unleashes actions that freed them from any human status and gender identity.

In the garden we encounter the pointe shoes that historically are synonymous with ballet, however here are treated as a sign of freedom and experimentation.

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Concept, Performance: Andrius Mulokas, Mina Tomic

Music: Mina Tomic


Point of Pointe

Concept, Staging: Yannis Adoniou

Choreography, performance: Yannis Adoniou, Andrius Mulokas, Mina Tomic and guests

Music: Nikos Giannios


Point of Pointe it is financial support by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.