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by KUNST STOFF production / Yannis Adoniou

In Re/cycle choreographers and dancers Jone San Martin, Yannis Adoniou together with the sound artist Mikel R. Nieto are dealing with the ideas of ecological thinking, the act of listening and with repetition.

Re/cycle & Untitled Listening Session
Re/cycle & Untitled Listening Session © Yannis Adoniou

“Re/cycle” investigates the potential of ecological thought through the repetition of the speech and its unspeakable capacities. Neither words nor their sounds contain anything intrinsic to signify what they mean. It is the act of listening that grants meanings and therefore discover our selves as dependent, vulnerable selves and as others, the "strange strangers“ as Timothy Morton calls it.

This choreographic research proposes to understand listening as an act of resistance that shows our vulnerabilities, as deliberate expositions to power: The act of listening as political resistance through the bodily act.

Untitled Listening Session is a sonic situation in a concert format in which the audience is lying down and listening to different sound works mixed in live and part of The Untitled Collection. It is available here:
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Concept: Jone San Martin, Mikel R. Nieto, Yannis Adoniou

Movement direction: Yannis Adoniou, Jone San Martin in collaboration with the Dancers

Dance: Jone San Martin, Yannis Adoniou, Tatiana Loverdou, Despoina Sanida Crezia and guests

Sound artist: Mikel R. Nieto

Listening Session: Mikel R. Nieto

Production management: Louisa Antoniou

Photo: Yannis Adoniou

Production KUNST STOFF production / Yannis Adoniou

With support by Space52 Athens, Centre for Dance and Arts Dansarte Patras, Dantzagunea Spain
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Dock 11