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Richard Strauss – Don Quixote | Thikwa and Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra

As part of the model project “Concert for All” Thikwa meets the RSB with a large cast. In Richard Strauss' "fantastic variations on a theme of knightly character" the Thikwa performers act in front of, behind and with the orchestra.

With large dance scenes, they swirl the knight's adventures into a sad figure and ask about the boundaries between madness and meaning. A fantastic ride through the worlds of a system blaster.

Additional information
Participating artists
(Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin)
David Robert Coleman (Dirigent)
Addas Ahmad (Thikwa-Performer*innen)
Debbie Arega (Thikwa-Performer*innen)
Felix Brüning (Thikwa-Performer*innen)
Max Edgar Freitag (Thikwa-Performer*innen)
Torsten Holzapfel (Thikwa-Performer*innen)
Konstantin Langenick (Thikwa-Performer*innen)
Lia Massetti (Thikwa-Performer*innen)
Peter Pankow (Thikwa-Performer*innen)
Stephan Sauerbier (Thikwa-Performer*innen)
Frank Schulz (Thikwa-Performer*innen)
Sammy Serag (Thikwa-Performer*innen)
Pablo Alarcón (Kostüm)
Gerd Hartmann (Konzept und Regie Thikwa)