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Open visor - new program As soon as the visor is open, Django Asül has a completely different view of things. Out of the filter bladder, into the wide angle. And above all: out into the wide world. Django Asül goes from Marseilles to Malta to the Middle East. And now it hails knowledge on the most pressing questions: Why is Malta the ideal EU country?

Django Asül
Django Asül © Dirk Beichert

Is climate change a threat or rather the solution for what? Or is that more for digitization? And: Is the individual in society actually replaceable or rather appalling, because with an open visor you do not see so much yourself, but all the more others and others. Contrary to the trend, Django Asül ignores self-optimization and relies on external optimization. Above all, he learns understanding and understanding and becomes a mediator between the fronts. How does it all work?

Quite simply: Django pays himself a basic income. And thus he is far ahead of his time. This program is therefore a must for those who have the vision inward and outward.

(Program in German)
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