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The experience for all cycling enthusiasts in the Berlin area

The cycle ring around Berlin runs over 330 km around the capital and through several Brandenburg regional parks.

After last year's great success, the third Discovery Day once again offers a good opportunity to explore the cycling ring. There are guided bike tours that are carried out in cooperation with regional parks, municipalities and the ADFC - participation is free. But you can also travel individually on the cycling ring.

Overview of guided tours

  • Tour 1: From Potsdam to Werder from 11 a.m. to around 2:30 p.m
  • Tour 2: From Wandlitz to Börnicke from 10 a.m. to around 1:30 p.m

Cycling ring AROUND BERLIN – through Brandenburg’s history and landscapes

The route takes you along country roads lined with old fruit trees through tranquil villages, through forests and meadows and along the Havel. But not only nature lovers, history buffs and architecture freaks will also get their money's worth: the cycle route leads past Prussian castles, post mills and fieldstone churches from the early Gothic period.

Whether Havelland, Müggel-Spree, Döbritzer Heide or Barnimer Feldmark - in no time you can reach the Radring, which has excellent connections to local public transport in Berlin and Brandenburg with 28 train stations (S-Bahn or regional train). The cycle ring is divided into 11 stages between 20 and 45 kilometers and is suitable for cycle tours lasting one to several days. Ideal for ambitious cyclists as well as for families with children or explorers tired of the city.

The cycling ring AROUND BERLIN is a joint project of the regional parks located in the area surrounding Berlin.
Additional information
• Website and registration:

Participation in the discovery day is voluntary, at your own risk.