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The four-part discourse series on the exhibition "terribly beautiful. Elephant Human Ivory" is based on the themes of the exhibition, expands on them and involves national and international experts. The aim is to initiate a sustained discussion about the relationship between elephant-human-ivory. A reflection on our separation of nature and culture and the consequences of this.

Key Visual schrecklich schön
Key Visual schrecklich schön © Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss; Getty Images / Parimal Bansode; bpk / Museum für Asiatische Kunst, SMB / Ute Franz-Scarciglia; bpk / Museum für Islamische Kunst, SMB / Jürgen Liepe; Getty Images / Stockbyte

Together with civil society voices, we address the relationship between elephant, human and ivory from different perspectives as a pattern for the relationship between nature, humans and the environment. In doing so, we relate popular, socio-political and scientific discourses as well as political and scientific activism. International perspectives from the regions where the animals live, are protected or hunted will be included.

Concrete examples of the human-animal conflict, the exploitation of animals, the connection between the ivory trade and the slave trade will be shown on each of the evenings. The last event is dedicated to the idea of political rights for animals and the abolition of the binary thinking of nature-culture/nature-human as possibilities for a different way of living together.

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