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In his exhibition "DIKTAT", the Berlin artist Joachim Bosse lets an algorithm curate his personal online reality tailored to him for 24 hours. This experiment is simultaneously a performance, a sociological diary entry and a snapshot of the digital masses.

Surrounded by 24 monitors, he exposes himself to the cacophony of consumer society and the fragmented reality of "his" Internet for a day and a night. He documents, analyzes and reconstructs this experience.Joachim Bosse Online, the digital parallel person that the algorithm creates and interprets, is influenced by targeted messages and delves deeply into the information selected for him. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spiegel, Pornhub, Google SEO and many others help create a collage of your personal presence.

This project results in a passive portrait of the artist, a chronicle of time and a "dictation" of society. In Germany, around 33.4 million people use the Internet several times a day, with around 12.7 million being online practically all the time (Statista).

The exhibition asks what messages and realities these people experience personally and socially, what this cacophony sounds like when continuously tracked and recorded, and what a day in digital life looks like compared to analog reality.

The exhibition was curated by Anika Meier.