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Galerie Brockstedt presents the exhibition "The Art of Forgetting - the Art of Remembering" curated by Philippe Hostaléry, in which four international artists conceptually reappraise the theme of the colonial era with their works, some of which were created especially for this show. Significant reminiscences in a wide variety of materials from their home countries tell their own personal stories in highly symbolic pictorial metaphors and invite us to enter into a fruitful dialogue with them through these expressive objects.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Die Kunst des Vergessens - die Kunst des Erinnerns
© Galerie Brockstedt

The objects of the four artists, fused from international and traditional visual worlds, invite us to explore with a curious and non-judgemental gaze and to let ourselves be captured by the poetry of their surreally alienated native memories, in which their bright colours, but also their scars, have space. Like them, their works have already become part of the local culture - a new world of cultural diversity in which art can make an important contribution to tolerant and open encounters and stimulating exchange.

Thursday, 28 April 2022
from 18 - 21 

Opening hours
Tue - Fri 12 - 18 + Sat 11 - 14 u.n.V.
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Participating artists
Hoa Dung Clerget (London)
Lucas Gabellini-Fava (London)
Mohamed Lekleti (Montpellier)
Fatiha Zemmouri (Casablanca)