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In spring 1993, Herzberg, Michaelis and Zöllner went on tour together for the first time as Die 3HIGHligen. Dirk Michaelis is and remains the charmer. With his voice and his appearance, he easily sneaks into every romantic heart. André Herzberg bucks and provokes as ever, he never tires of doubting himself and the world. Dirk Zöllner revels in his defeats with relish and always willingly opens his shirt in the face of new challenges.

Die 3HIGHligen
Die 3HIGHligen MB Konzerte - Ev. Kirchengemeinde Prenzlauer Berg Nord

Dirk Michaelis, André Herzberg and Dirk Zöllner make music. They are united not only by their musical profession and their eastern origins, but also by their long-standing friendship.

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