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Neuer Termin: So. 10.11.24

Dear all! Unfortunately we have to postpone the concert at Maschinenhaus until next year. We want our shows to be a fantastic, inspiring and unforgettable experience. And that is influenced by very different factors, of which unfortunately not all can be fulfilled for this show. We are very happy if you stay with us and come to our shows. So that we can celebrate together soon!

From the bottom of our hearts, Diana

Last year Diana Ezerex already lit up our musical souls in the Frannz Biergarten. As part of the annual Summer Stage concert series, she played an atmospheric set in the Frannz Biergarten. Now the musician is back in Berlin's Kulturbrauerei, where she will present her 4-EP-IDENTITY-PROJECT on 17 September. You can be curious!

Identity and acceptance are challenging but necessary topics, especially at a time when they are being redefined, discussed and documented. To belong is to be accepted and to feel like you belong. What sounds simple is an intensive and often painful process, especially when the permanent questioning of belonging is part of one's own person.

Diana Ezerex has faced this process in her IDENTITY PRO-JECT and processed it in four EPs. With her usual outstanding and touching power of words and a new sound that is memorable, enthusiastic and deeply resonant, Ezrex is releasing her most personal work to date until April 2024. Precisely because she processes her own experiences, emotions and questions in the songs, the artist's live performance is an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

In September 2023, Ezerex will go live on tour with a brilliant finale in the Eventhall Karlsruhe - and of course with a stop in Berlin. On 17 September, Diana Ezerex will perform at the Maschinenhaus in the Kulturbrauerei.

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