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British humor, knife throwers and Désirée Nick's bare breasts

Whimsical, finest British humour, the cheekiest Berlin snout, sinful cabaret, dangerous, breathtaking knife throwers, exotically beautiful contortionists and Désirée Nick's real bare breasts invite you to an unforgettable midnight tryst.

Desiree Nick & Jack Woodhead

In the glamorous ambience of the Wintergarten Varieté, eloquence meets smut, bizarre meets crazy and Berlin chanson meets sexy burlesque.

Cheeky, lively, exciting, frivolous, sexy, as well as musical and acrobatic. These are the attributes that best describe this truly unique evening.

Experience live and in the most dazzling colors how the two stars celebrate this intoxicating evening with relish!

The diva "La Nick" reincarnates in the famous swan feather coat of Marlene Dietrich, and the incomparable Jack Woodhead is a virtuoso on the Bechstein grand piano.

In addition, eccentric international greats of contemporary vaudeville appear, and of course - as the name Wintergarten Varieté promises - with fabulous acrobatics!

Wonderful entertainment and pleasure at its finest!

Also suitable for international guests

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